Ophthalmic Surgical Blades

We offers an array of surgical blades and knives which are required for various microsurgical procedures. Usually an incision is made in the body of the patient to remove an undesirable tissue and to repair the damaged parts to improve the well being of the patient. An exceptional commitment to manufacture quality ophthalmic surgical knife sets the company apart from others. It is a name which is respected all over the globe for its consistency and reliability. The organization puts into practice traditional blade making skills which are combined with latest technology to come up with a range of surgical knives and blades. Take a look at some of them:

Ophthalmic Knife Keratome

This kind of eye knife is made from stainless steel that is affixed to a plastic handle and designed to give a strong grip to the surgeon. It is available in sterilized packs that facilitates storage and meant for single use. It is also known as slit blade, slit knife, keratome Etc

  • It is best suited for Opthalmic surgeons or doctors.
  • The instrument is used to make initial corneal and sclera incision before surgery.
  • The USP of the product is its sharpness and precise incision dimension.

Ophthalmic Knife Crescent

This is an angulated stainless steel surgical blade firmly attached to a plastic handle that provides accurate incision for various medical procedures.

  • The surgical knife is suitable for Opthalmic surgeons and doctors.
  • It is used to make a scleral tunnel incision.
  • It is characterized by its blunt and well rounded tip.
  • The sharp edges are meant for smooth tunnel incision.

Ophthalmic Knife Clear Corneal

The ophthalmic blades of the knife are made of stainless steel affixed firmly with a bio compatible plastic handle to ascertain comfort to the user. It assures safe and optimum performance.

  • This knife is used to make initial corneal incision before surgery.
  • It is the first preference of doctors and surgeons.
  • Available in sterilized surgical packs, known for their sharp cutting edge and accurate incision dimension

Ophthalmic Knife Lance Tip

This surgical equipment is also known as Angled Blade, Stab Blade and Stab Knife. The body is made of stainless steel which is affixed to a plastic handle which gives a good clasp. They are highly dependable, sharp, meant for use and most affordable in market.

  • This ophthalmic surgical knife is used for making side port incision.
  • It is used by Opthalmic surgeons and doctors.
  • The surgical knife is known for its sharp accurate cutting edge and angular design.

Ophthalmic Knife MVR

Accurate dimension and sharp edge are the characteristic of this knife which is fixed to a precise plastic handle. This surgical knife is designed for easy and smooth insertion. It is packed in sterilized surgical packs and meant for one-time use only.

  • The knife is used to make a stab or side port incision of a fixed width.
  • It is majorly used by doctors and surgeons.
  • It has a sharp edge and is accurate in proportions.

Ophthalmic Knife Extension Keratome

This surgical knife is famously known an extension blade or blunt tip keratome. The body is made of superior quality stainless steel and affixed with a plastic handle. The quality of steel assures perfect incision.

  • The knife is used to flesh out the initial corneal, scleral incision before lens implantation.
  • Well-suited for doctors or surgeons.
  • The knife has an excellent cutting edge and exact incision dimensions.

Ophthalmic Knife

Experience a surgical knife which is extremely sharp and is revolutionizing the way the surgeons think about an accurate incision. These are designed for smooth medical procedures and the surgical kit has a sterilized packing which is individually packed and suitable for one-time use.

  • This surgical knife is used to make a sharp thrust with a side port incision of fixed width.
  • It is preferred by surgeons and doctors.
  • The USP of the product is its accurate dimension and sharpness.