Ophthalmic Consumables

Truviz Opthalmic is a Leading Manufacturer and Marketer of Ophthalmic Disposable Cannulas and Reusable Cannulas.

Air Injection Cannula

It has been sharply designed and developed through single-use air injection cannula with a polished tip for extraction and instillation of air or fluids during the interocular surgery. These are available in sterile packs and widely opted by doctors and surgeons..

Irrigating Cystotome Cannula

The Irrigating Cystotome Cannula is meant for single use and suitable for irrigating cystotome in the ophthalmic surgery. This product undergoes the world class manufacturing method in compliance to the quality. The cannula irrigating cystotome is available as per the specification and requirement of the client.

Hydrodissection Cannula

The Hydrodisection Cannula is used to effectively separate the layer of nucleus and cortex during the cataract surgery. For smooth and effective procedure Ophtechnics Unlimited offers disposable cannula nucleus hydrodissection at an affordable cost. They are especially designed for accurate insertion under anterior capsule and to distribute the fluid for the dissection of the nucleus.

Lacrimal Intubation Set Cannula

Even these are effectively used to differentiate the layers of nucleus and cortex during the cataract surgery. This enables an efficient and effective procedure with the help of disposable cannula nucleus hydrodissector at budget-friendly prices.

Blumenthal Cannula

This has been designed for endocapsular and intercapsular procedures. The Cannula Irrigating Cystotome (Blumenthal) has sharp tips on both sides to cut tear and puncture the capsule. The instrument is encased in a protective covering to ensure aseptic transfer and product sterility for later use.

Viscoelastic Injection Cannula

The Viscoelastic Injection Cannula has been designed for endocapsular or intercapsular procedures. They have sharp tips on both ends to puncture and tear the capsule. Each instrument is put in a protective casing to ensure product sterility and aseptic transfer.

Bimanual Irrigation Cannula

The disposal Bimanual irrigation cannulas serve the dual purpose of hydrating the lens mater and holding the lens in central position to ensure complete aspiration of the lens. It aids in bimanual removal of sub-incision lens cortex after the capsular surgery.

LASIK Cannula

These are one-time used cannulas that are designed to be used during LASIK and refractive surgery. The flattened tip ensures easy insertion and helps to elevate the flap edge. Since the equipments are used only once they are best suitable for ophthalmic surgery and do not carry a chance for post surgery infection.

Cannula DCR Set

The Cannula DCR Set is made of stainless steel and are needed for various ocuplastic procedures. The sets have a sterile packaging and are labeled privately. These equipments have a huge demand in hospitals, clinics and health facility centers. They are known for their affordability, precision and quality.

The cellulose sponge, also known as specialized surgical sponge or pad is used in surgery. It is also known as lap sponge which is used to absorb or wipe liquids or fluids during the surgical procedures. This PVA sponge can also be used with a suction to keep the operation area clean by the surgeon and control bleeding during the medical applications. The surgical spear sponge is affixed on a plastic handle made of 100% fiber and particle free. Take a look at different kinds of sponge produced by Optechnics Unlimited:

PVA Sponge - Spear (Expanded)

PVA sponge is triangular in shape which is made of 100% fiber. These are disposable sterile sponges which are also known as Eye Sponges, Eye Spear or LASIK Spears. They are preferred by surgeons to manipulate the tissue during the incision operations.

  Applications:   To manipulate the corneal tissue during the refractive Surgery.
  Best Suitable:   For Ophthalmic Surgeons.
  Characteristics:   1. Comes with Extra Soft Sponge
  2. Cloth free

Cellulose Spear

These PVA Cellulose Spear sponges have high soaking capacities which are mounted on plastic handles. The micropoint absorbent is made up of superior quality material to deliver maximum performance. These are meant for single use to ensure no chances for infection.

  Applications:   To absorb liquid during surgical procedures.
  Best Suitable:   For ophthalmic doctors/ surgeons.
  Characteristics:   Quick absorbing capacity.

PVA Sponge Points

These ophthalmic spear sponges are absolute sterile and highly absorbent which have been designed to wipe fluids or liquids during laser eye surgery and other kinds of sensitive operation procedures.

  Applications:   To absorb liquids/ fluids.
  Best Suitable:   For ophthalmic doctors/ surgeons.
  Characteristics:   Cloth-free soft sponge.

Instrument Wipes

The company offers an array of CE approved fiber free instruments which are safe and sterile for cleaning and wiping surgical instruments. The wipes are high absorbent made of lint free material and meant for single use only. They are available in varied packing options and affordable to purchase.

Corneal Shield

These are single used sponge which act as shield during ophthalmic and various medical procedures. The screens give protection from irritation, desiccation, trauma & cautery during and after surgery. They decrease the time and the cost of cleaning and also act as a disinfectant.

Absorbent Sticks

They are of 65mm width, available in a quantity of 10 per pouch and 200 sticks per box.

Usually eye shields are used after surgery to hold the dressings in place and to protect the eye from any kind of infection. They are made of clear shatter proof plastic in a universal shape for eyes. The holes in the eye shield provide ventilation. All adult and children sizes are easily available. These shields are some of the best devices for post operative and post trauma eye protection. In other words, they are an advanced solution to provide improved eye health which is to improve patient care with inflamed eye lids, dry and tired eyes.

The ophthalmic eye shield manufactured by Ophtechnics is hygienic, sterile and convenient to use. Its expertise lies in the domain of manufacturing and offering an array of ophthalmic eye shield which is a precisely contoured. The eye shield is designed in a meticulous manner with attention to the needs of surgeons and patients. Made up of superior quality material, it is 100 % safe and meant to provide maximum output yet the product is budget-friendly.

The expertise of the company lies in manufacturing and providing an array of ophthalmic eye shield and cherished by doctors across the globe during a medical procedure. These eye shields allow access to the Nose Bridge and temples for smooth operation in the designated area without causing any kind of discomfort to the patient. They are available in a transparent material and in various universal sizes.

The ophthalmic diagnostic strips designed by Truviz Ophthalmic are safe and hygienic which are prepared from high quality material and available in various categories including Fluorescein Sodium Strips and Schirmer Tear Test Strips.

TruViz- Fluorescin Strips Ophthalmic Strips U.S.P

OptiGlo- Fluorescein Strips are specially prepared sterile ophthalmic strip meant for diagnostic use to visualize abrasions and defects on the corneal epithelium by staining the area of the cellular loss. It is especially meant for staining the anterior segment of the eye while determining the site of an ocular injury, also useful for placing the contact lenses fitting, applanation tonometry and while taking the lacrimal drainage test. It is available in a box of 100 strips in an individual pouch pack.

Truviz - Schirmer Tear Test Strips

The Schirmer's test determines whether the eye produced enough tears to keep it moist. The test is especially done on a person who experienced very dry eyes or suffers from excessive watering. The Schirmer Tear Test Strips are individually wrapped and gauged so that they can be indentified easily. The Schirmer test is based on the mechanical reflex stimulation of the tear production and is actually a test of reflex tear production when it is performed without anesthesia. A dry Schirmer strip is placed in 1/3 part of your lower lid and then the patient is asked to look forward and blink normally. Then the strip is removed after 5 minutes and the amount of wetting is recorded in millimeters. It comes in a box of 100 strips in an individual pouch pack.

truviz - Lissamine Green Strips

The Lissamine Green Strips are specially prepared sterile ophthalmic strip meant for diagnostic use. It deteriorates the dead cell and the mucous fibrils. Just moisten the colored tip of the strip with an ophthalmic solution or sterile water. Then insert the moistened end of the strip in a lower conjuctival sac by asking the patient to look up. Now hold the strip until the dye passes on to the patient's eye for the desired results. It is important that the patient should blink several times after application. This is normally stored at room temperature and available in a box of 100 strips in an individual pouch pack.

Truviz - Rose Bengal Strips

The Rose Bengal Strips are specially prepared ophthalmic diagnostic strips. They stain the devitalized cell and mucin with a brilliant red color and blot the mucus of precrneal tear film. Just moisten the colored tip of the strip with a sterile water or ophthalmic solution. Then insert the moistened end of the strip into the lower end of the conjuctival sac while the patient is looking up. It is important to hold the strip till adequate dye migrates into the patient's eye for optimal results he should blink several times after application. The storage is at room temperature and it is available in a box of 100 strips in an individual pouch pack.

TruViz- Endothelial Punch

This mechanical device gives an excellent donor corneal button punched out from the endothelial side of corneoscleral button.


  • Universal - Any size of trephine from 6 mm to 11 mm can be fitted.
  • Precentred - The trephine and the tefflon block are automatically centred for all sized trephines.
  • Spring Recoil - After completion of the cut, the trephine retracts back with inbuilt spring system.
  • Sterilization - The punch and teflon block can be sterilised by Autoclaving or Ethylene Oxide.

Truviz - Disposable Corneal Trephine

Razor sharp cutting edge.

Sizes available :- 6.0, 6.50, 7.0, 7.25, 7.50, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, 8.50, 8.75, 9.0, 9.50, 10.0, 10.50, 11.0 mm.

E.T.O gas sterilized.


Truviz - Suction Trephine

A very useful instrument to cut button from the recipient cornea. The outer shell of the trephine holds the recipient cornea by vacuum and the internal blade is rotated to take out the diseased button. Available in ready to use sterile packs.

Sizes available: 7.0mm, 7.50mm, 7.70mm & 8.0mm.

ETO Sterilized.


Truviz - Teflon Block

The Cornea is placed over the Teflon block and the donor button is then punched out.

Aspheric curvature to match corneal curvature.

Can be sterilized by dry heat, autoclave & E.T.O gas.